Location Intelligence WEBINAR

We conducted a Location Intelligence WEBINAR under the auspices of CPGCatNet with some interesting discussion about which spatial data most CPG companies view as important to them and what drives their retail store clustering. 

While I would have thought that most CPG manufacturers would cluster based on demographics our on-line poll indicated more reliance on clustering with store characteristic data.  I like to emphasize the use of store characteristic data, sales rates (sales/$1 MM ACV), sales sq ft etc as well as demographics to cluster stores.  We were surprised to see very few mention consumer addresses as important sources of location intelligence.

The consumer address information is an important source of demographic information for profiling and targeting your consumers and the more you can use that data the more ROI that usage returns to your company.  Mapping consumer respondent data around stores can help foster better targeted local marketing efforts.  I still think the huge supply of Loyalty Card respondent data is a huge source of great intelligence that is not being fully mined and geo-spatial software can be a great tool to make sense of Loyalty Card data.

I encourage your input and thoughts…please let us hear from you!!

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