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Insight Is Seeing It First

What does it take to be a visionary? Does your company struggle with how to see the real nuggets of truth in your data?  Does your company know where the best stores are?  With the right tools you can see opportunities before they become threats.  If you see the threats or opportunities before your competition sees you win.

Seeing data better has now become a new paradigm for reporting called Data Visualization.  How much data does your company have and how many reports circulate around your department month after month usually ending up in the trash can with no business impact?  With the right tools and reporting strategy driven by a Data Visualization strategy your team can see data in a manner that drives results – Insight is seeing it first!

In the land of the blind the one eye man is king; when you can see the threats and opportunities in your data before your competition sees it; your team can react and change direction, strategy or tactics.  Seeing data on web browser based tools that can be quickly accessed from anywhere provides a quick a timely scorecard just in time for an account meeting.  The user does not have to be computer savvy or an analyst to pull rich analyses and impactful charts down for a customer meeting the next day. 

The results are:

  • More time selling for your account teams
  • Sophisticated analyses such as Price Elasticity, Assortment Optimization and Trade Analytics in a push button environment
  • Relevant business building presentations that drive customer decisons

  • The need for fewer analyst resources and more sales exposure to your customers

  • Your account management team become consultants to their customers

With today's tools spreadsheet reports become graphic icons on a map, hours spent over a Power Point deck becomes a push button affair and the analyses that went undone are now presented with impactful "ah-ha's" to your customers.  Specific issue oriented presentation decks can be developed at headquarters that are market relevant when they are downloaded by your account teams.

Let us do a needs assessment of your current reporting strategy and we can develop an approach to data visualization that truly help your sales and marketing teams see their opportunities better.  Insight, Information & Consulting Services, Inc. can help you develop a set of information tools that put everyone from the top executives to your account teams on the same information page.  We offer a full suite of tools to help you visualize your data on maps or deliver 1,000 customized presentation decks to account teams across the country with the click of a button.

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