InSight Information & Consulting Services Driving ROI To Your Data Spending

Data Visualization for Trade Promotion Management, Consumer Segmentation & Targeting and Location Intelligence.

Insight, Information & Consulting Services can provide your company with Trade Promotion Management guidance that includes TPM in the cloud and an end to end trade promotion management process strategy.  Let us help you develop a strategy to segment your consumers, target your best consumers and see on a map where they are located.  Insight, Information & Consulting Services can help your company increase sales and profits with the following skills and services:

  • We will help you build your Trade Promotion Management process, tools and analysis capabilities and deliver a fully functioning trade promotion management software tool
  • See threats, gaps and opportunities jump off a map – ARE YOU LOCATION INTELLIGENT?
  • Deliver data visualization templates via state of the art thin-client reporting tools, set up dashboards, publish and track KPI’s.
  • Do you know who your consumer is and where she shops? We can deliver consumer focused Category Management analyses that put the consumer first in our location driven Consumer Segmentation & Targeting tools

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Our Services

InSight, Information & Consulting Services has delivered hundreds of projects in the following areas: